The momo 2022 Summer Release

My Wallet, Card Comparisons, and what’s next.

The momo 2022 Summer Release

momo is building the infrastructure to help the 180 million credit-active adults in the US achieve financial freedom faster. Today, we are launching two of our most requested features:
  • Compare credit cards - Instead of paging between different cards, compare cards directly in a unified view.
  • My Wallet widget - Track signup bonuses, annual fee dates, and bill due dates for all your cards, in one place.
These features will be live in momo immediately following this announcement. Download momo to check them out for yourself!
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Controlling your finances and quantitatively understanding your goals are fundamental to achieving your desired future. But most financial products are based on games and gimmicks designed for the consumer to lose. We want to put the consumer back in the driver’s seat by making it easy for everyone to make the decisions that are best for them - not the banks, lenders, or blogs.
We are excited to share some additional details on our next leap towards making this future a reality with our Summer ‘22 release.

Available Starting Today

Compare Cards

We made it easy to compare credit cards to gain a detailed understanding of your options before making a decision.
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With the Compare Cards feature, you can seamlessly compare three credit card offers side-by-side.

My Wallet

We’ve consistently gotten feedback that our users want to track rewards and bonuses for individual cards. The My Wallet Widget allows you to visualize your bank accounts in one place and track rewards, bonuses, transactions, and important dates for each card. No more guessing whether you spent enough to hit the sign-up bonus for your new card or when your annual fee is due - you can track that directly in momo.
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Coming Soon


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momo will provide you with crucial and timely financial information when you need it. We will be able to alert you when:
  • You make a purchase that fits a group of rules that you set (e.g. if you make an abnormally large purchase for dinner, we can remind you to send a Venmo request).
  • An annual fee is coming up.
  • You’re in danger of incurring an overdraft fee.
  • & much more - vote in momo for which alerts are most important to you.

The Next 3 Widgets

Widgets are momo’s building blocks and pave the way for a fully customized financial experience. We’re excited to continue down this path with our next three widgets. Our roadmap is based on the features that our users vote for in-app, and we will continue to prioritize those with the most votes.
  1. Best-In-Slot - Ensure you use the right card, every time.
  1. All Transactions - Holistically understand your spending.
  1. Cumulative Balance - Track how much in total you owe and when your next bill is due.
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Existing personal financial management tools are rigid and littered with information you don't need. Everyone manages their finances differently, so you should be able to customize your app experience to fit your needs and goals.

Education Plans

Many strides have been made toward a financially equitable future, but financial literacy is faltering. Only 17% of Americans aged 18-34 have a thorough understanding of credit and over 47% of Americans younger than 35 carry debt.
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Today, most people learn about personal finance through multi-page long marketing articles to understand concepts that may not even be relevant to them. This is overwhelming and leads many people to abandon personal finance altogether.
Instead, momo will provide short, digestible content about financial concepts that are relevant to your current situation. With proactive educational modules, we make it easy to get the right info at the right time.

Additional features available today

Some additional features we added are:
  • Email me an Application - Easily pick up the application process on your desktop.
  • Discover tab - Explore new cards by category, institution, annual fee, and more.
  • “Not the right time” - We let you know if opening a new credit card wouldn’t make sense for your financial goals.
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Join us on our journey to end impersonal financial advice and download momo to start earning more rewards.
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